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Message From President & CEO
Mahdi KMJ Amjad

When I look back over the last ten years, it gives me deep satisfaction to see the success of a venture that we completely believed in and how it has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide.

We started with nothing more than a vision. We wanted to be the leader in the IT Distribution business in the Middle East. All we had to achieve this goal was a capital of one million Dirhams and a handful of loyal staff. At the time, people said our vision was too ambitious. But we achieved that and more.

Today, Almasa Holdings is a diverse and fast-growing group of companies focusing on technology and real estate. Our technology companies are leaders in their fields in the Middle East and North Africa. On the other hand, our real estate projects are hugely successful and deliver value to customers.

We are setting our new goals for the future and our target is to expand our interests in our two core areas of business. We will expand the range and coverage of our IT business.

We will also focus on entering the GCC real estate market following our successful projects overseas. While doing this, we will introduce a new philosophy to the regional property scene that capitalizes on our heritage and success in technology. The common theme for all our core businesses is and will be a focus on quality and customer service.

Knowing no boundaries at Almasa, we are always looking at expansion. But, whatever we do, one thing is for sure: We will pursue our goals with both passion and commitment... the same passion and commitment that has seen Almasa go from a one-million-Dirham start-up, to a 2-billion-Dirham conglomerate in just 10 years.

Thank you.
Mahdi KMJ Amjad